Event Management

We’re event management champions
Sometimes you need outside support to manage the myriad details behind the people and places. To make things work – perfectly. From invitations to meeting and greeting. From transport to accommodation. From catering to gifts, after dinner speakers to entertainment. (Or to put it another way, all the things that can give you a splitting headache.)

That’s where we come in

For one thing, we know you find it easier to do your job when it’s all you have to think about. And we know that you work hard enough already – building relationships, influencing and persuading. So, we promise to work just as hard managing every aspect of your event. And weíll give you the quality and attention to detail that youíd expect if you ran the event yourself (without you having to stay up at night worrying about it).

It’s all about confidence

The confidence that comes from knowing your event is in the right hands. The confidence you get when guests, delegates and partners tell you how much they enjoyed themselves. The confidence that comes from solid business performance, as we focus on your corporate goals.

And a robust track record

It’s reassuring to know that weíve worked with just about every type of client, on every type of project. We boast an impressive record of fundraisers, charity events, conferences, festivals, parties, corporate meetings, PR bashes, launches, and more besides. (In fact, if itís worth celebrating, we know how to make it happen.)

We have unrivalled regional knowledge, contacts and history. Our staff are outstanding. And, as a consequence, weíre trusted by the highest calibre firms, like The Football Association of Ireland, Manchester Five Star Scanner Appeal, Nike, Budweiser, and The English Football Association – to name just a few.