The Islands of Clew Bay, Co Mayo, Ireland

The calm inshore waters among these islands produce Ray, Bullhuss, Monkfish, Dogfish, Conger, Pollack and occasional Tope. Large Skate over 45kgs are caught with a fair degree of regularity. All fish are tagged and returned alive as part of a programme to help conservation and research. The surf beaches and rocky inlets dotted around the bay produce Flounder, small Turbot, wrasse, Conger, Ray and occasional Bass. The shores of these islands have never been fished, however over the past two years The Helm Shore Festival has been fished on them and the results have been phenomenal with over 10 species been landed and individual anglers producing catches of 20 fish or more.

We can arrange to have your group landed on an island of your choice, and collected again that evening.

A minimum of 6 anglers are required for this excursion.

Obviously this is only one fishing destination but we feel well worthwhile fishing at.

If you have a particular area you wish to fish wherever in the world it may be, you only need to ask!

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