Millionaire's Concierge

Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it
Especially with Millionaire’s Concierge, the new service from Corporate Event Tickets.

Millionaire’s Concierge makes a good event better. It is the ultimate form of corporate hospitality, covering everything you could possibly want. Need an extra ticket just hours before an event? You’ve got it. Clients clamouring for seats in one of Manchester’s best restaurants, but it’s booked up? We can fix it. In fact, from free nightclub entry to secluded private tables, Concierge is your well-connected best friend.

And you can have pretty much any type of cake

That’s because we have an extensive network of partnerships, with only the very best firms of their kind – hotels, private spas, limousine companies, restaurants, nightspots and more. It comes from our years of work at the highest levels of corporate entertainment, for clients with the highest expectations.

If it’s hard to get, we’re here to get it. Call us now, and find out how far weíll go to give you flawless hospitality.

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